A Note From Gillian

Welcome to my spiffy, polished-up website and apologies for being gone so long. No matter what people said, it’s not true that I’ve been in a witness protection program or sailing the seven seas or imprisoned or even retired.

Judy Greber Gillian and Sunny
I was here, trying something new. After fourteen Amanda Peppers, I wanted to stretch my wings by trying something different and boy did those wings stretch and take me on quite a trip. I went I went from prepositions to Inquisitions, from a contemporary thirty-something Philadelphia English teacher to a twenty-something Spanish “heretic” trying to not be burned at the stake (and solve a murder) in 1649 Mexico.

I hope to write more on this site about the joys and miseries of the hardest research I’ve ever tackled. But for now, I’ll simply note that both the research and the writing took much longer than anticipated. It is finally done and my agent is holding its hand as it goes knocking door-to-door, looking for a home.

There were also non-writing time-outs—two and a half months 3,000 miles from home volunteering full-time for the re-election of the President, and after that exciting, exhausting stretch, it felt time to play, which I happily did in our favorite Mexican village. And since we last met, the Amanda Pepper series has been turned into e-books by Untreed Reads. Now, all but the final title is available for every device and on all formats, and the last one will be coming along soon. I’ve also revised and expanded You Can Write A Mystery with exercises and links and Untreed Reads will be publishing that as well. More info about all that and what’s ahead will be here soon thanks to excellent webmaven Sue Trowbridge, who has been housecleaning and redecorating this site. We both hope you’ll join us here for news, discussions about books and writing.

So welcome! Take a look around and do stay in touch!

Gillian Roberts


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