The Writing Desk

"In You Can Write a Mystery, the customary wit, insight generosity of spirit, and precision with language that infuse Roberts' novels are on full display again. An inspirational (yet pragmatic) mentor, she achieves the promise of the title—it's a transcendent how-to guide that demystifies mystery writing: practical, systematic, thorough, and very, very smart."
—Joe Blades, Associate Publisher, Ballantine Books

Thirteen online lessons are available exclusively on this site, and the revised and expanded version of You Can Write a Mystery has been released by Untreed Reads! Buy it here.

Lesson #1 —Where do you get your ideas?

Lesson #2 —Writing your character's stories.

Lesson #3 —Amateurs, Semi-Pros, and Pros: Who will be your sleuth?

Lesson #4 —What to think about when you think about your setting.

Lesson #5 —Descriptions the reader won't skip.

Lesson #6 — It's all in your point of view.

Lesson #7 —Making the reader care.

Lesson #8 — How to write what you know (about murder).

Lesson #9 — How to write what you don't know.

Lesson #10 — Talking about dialogue: Part I.

Lesson #11 — Dialogue, Part II: Ways to present dialogue.

Lesson #12 — Do actions speak louder than words?

Lesson #13 — Playing Fair and Keeping Secrets: Hiding clues.


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